Humanitarian Needs Assessment: The Good Enough Guide

The Assessment Capacities Project (ACAPS) and the Emergency Capacity Building Project (ECB) have produced this guide to fill the gap that existed for a practical resource that pulls together the main lessons learned from various initiatives and experiences.

This guide is written for field staff carrying out assessments in the early days and weeks following a disaster. It is especially aimed at national project managers and their teams.

The steps and tools in this guide are most directly useful for initial and rapid assessments in the first weeks of an emergency, but the principles and practices described apply at any stage in the response. Be flexible depending on your situation and the needs and capacities of disaster-affected communities.

This guide does not explain every activity that you will need to carry out for your assessment, but it will help you through the assessment process. You can use it to take you through the whole assessment or to help at particular points in the process. The guide has three sections to help you with assessments:
steps, tools, and resources.

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