Humanitarian Hands-on Tool

People with disabilities are disproportionately affected by disaster and conflict, and humanitarian aid workers often lack the proper tools to ensure relief and recovery work is inclusive of everyone.

The Humanitarian Hands-on Tool, known as HHoT, is designed to fill this gap by providing aid workers in the field with clear, practical and detailed instructions. Not only will this make their work more accessible to people with disabilities, but will include other often-marginalised groups such as older people – and will exclude no one. HHoT can be downloaded to any mobile device and is easy to use. It offers simple one-page guidelines for all issues relevant to the design and implementation of emergency response.

Topics are broken down into ‘task cards’, each describing common tasks or processes and how to make them inclusive. You can either browse these cards or search for specific keywords to get a list of suggested reading. You can also share, print, or save your cards as favourites. Once downloaded, all the information in the app is available offline. With its detailed step-by-step guides, HHoT is an essential resource for all agencies that realise the importance of leaving no one behind. And your input is welcome to ensure the app content grows in the most effective way possible.

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