Holistic Assessment for Learning (HAL)

Circle 2The Holistic Assessment for Learning is a tool for measuring early grade learners' literacy, numeracy, and social and emotional skills. The tool is based on the Syrian curriculum for grades two and three. Between late 2018 and early 2019, the Holistic Learning Assessment was used to assess the learning skills of more than 1,500 Syrian children in grades two and three. Results from this initial assessment have been used to refine and strengthen the tool, as well as adapt it for use by classroom teachers. The objective of the Holistic Assessment for Learning is to provide teachers with a rigorous formative assessment tool that they can use to monitor the progress of students in their early grade classrooms and improve the relevance of instruction to address the literacy, numeracy and social and emotional learning gaps that they identify. This formative assessment tool would need to be adapted in consultation with curriculum and linguistic experts and further tested if intended for use outside of Syria.


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NYU Global TIES for Children
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Learning Assessment
Levels of Learning - Primary Education
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Social-emotional Skills, Academic Subject Matter Skills