A Game and a Story Fun for the Days to Come: An Interactive Guide for Family Members, Especially Children

Coming from an awareness of social responsibility and a desire to play an effective role to help in overcoming this crisis, we joined efforts and formed a team for the guide. We aim at helping others through this guide, especially in the absence of holistic resources that tackle the crisis’s impact on us and our children both constructively and playfully.

Our efforts aim at bringing joy into our homes, where many families suffer from psychological pressures
because of this new reality and its various effects.

This guide gives every family member, especially our children, an opportunity to express their thoughts and feelings towards this crisis and the changes resulting from it. It also indirectly motivates them to discover means of adapting to the crisis and grants them the freedom of choosing the methods they most desire to experiment with.

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Authored by

Grace Kharrat, Grace Nakhoul, Lea Darido, and Maha Riachi


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