Futures at Risk: Climate-Induced Shocks and Their Toll on Education for Crisis-Affected Children

This 2023 background study for the ECW Climate Appeal includes estimates on the effect of climate shocks on children and education around the world. The study presents estimates of the number of crisis-affected children and adolescents whose education has been disrupted by climate shocks, as well as the number of forced displacements of school-aged children due to floods, droughts and other extreme weather events. The study’s analysis highlights the particularly disruptive effects of climate-related hazards on displaced populations and girls, pointing to the need for additional resources to target the most marginalized children in the most vulnerable countries, especially children on the move. The study stresses that the time for immediate action has arrived to safeguard the universal right to education for all children – so they may harness its potential as a source of resilience against the climate crisis.

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Background Paper


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Education Cannot Wait (ECW)


Climate Change