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The Fierce Urgency of Now – delivering children’s right to education during crises

In every emergency, whether caused by conflict or natural disaster children tell us that what they want most – alongside medicine, food and shelter – is the opportunity to learn. For the vast majority of children caught up in emergencies their education is at best interrupted and at worst never realised. In 2015 alone the education of 80 million children was disrupted by humanitarian crisis. Despite this vast need, education is consistently among the most underfunded and underprioritised sectors in humanitarian responses, receiving on average less than 2% of humanitarian aid.

This lack of funding and prioritisation has left at least 37 million school aged children living in conflict-affected countries without an education. Those children who are able to access school often face significant barriers to their learning and well-being in overcrowded under resourced classrooms, and many more face the risk of violence with attacks on education occurring in over 70 countries. This has a profound effect on children’s learning, which has significant ramifications for the development and stability of the countries in which these children live.

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