Evidence Gap Maps

These ECCN Evidence Gap Maps are an approach to our objective to build evidence and capacity to increase equitable access to education in crisis-and-conflict-affected environments.

  1. Internal Threats SLE Gap Map
  2. External Threats SLE Gap Map
  3. Health-Related Threats SLE Gap Map
  4. Natural Disasters SLE Gap Map

These four maps focus on Safer Learning Environments, specifically: 

  • Internal threats, including gang violence that emanates from within the school and SRGBV.
  • External threats, including SRGBV on the way to/from school, gang violence, armed conflict and ideological attacks on education.
  • Environmental threats that are related to physical health.
  • Environmental threats that are related to various natural hazards. 

The maps explore relationships between interventions and outcomes, and do not suggest causality between them: These maps are intended to provide an alternative way of exploring evidence-based literature around a specific theme beyond typical internet or database searches. They are not intended to imply causality where evidence exists.

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