Ending school-related gender-based violence: a series of thematic briefs

This series of briefs summarizes the learning that emerged from two regional workshops on approaches to prevent and respond to school-related gender-based violence (SRGBV). The challenges and recommendations highlighted in the publication are relevant to all forms of school violence and form a valuable resource for policymakers and practitioners working in this field. The briefs in this series include: 1. Applying a whole school approach to preventing SRGBV; 2. Engaging teachers to create safe and gender-responsive learning environments; 3. Shifting harmful gender norms through curricular approaches; 4. Establishing safe and confidential reporting mechanisms; 5. Investing in data and evidence to inform the response to SRGBV; and 6. Integrating SRGBV into national policies and education sector plans. 

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Title: Ending school-related gender-based violence: a series of thematic briefs, with logos of partners (UNGEI, UNICEF, Global Working Group to end SRGBV, UNESCO, and Safe to Learn).

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Policy Brief


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United Nations Girls Education Initiative (UNGEI)


Gender Based Violence