Editorial Note: Journal on Education in Emergencies: Volume 7, Number 2

In this editorial note, special issue lead editors Ragnhild Dybdahl and James Williams take stock of the efforts to define and operationalize psychosocial support (PSS) and social and emotional learning (SEL) worldwide. They note the strong focus in this issue on the development of rigorous new methods for assessing emotional health and wellbeing and efforts to adapt and contextualize PSS and SEL tools for in humanitarian contexts. Dybdahl and Williams outline the contributions of each piece to the real-world practice of EiE, such as for evaluating EiE programming that features PSS/SEL principles, while reminding readers that learning itself is a fundamentally social and emotional process.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.33682/55ye-s1pk

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Journal Article


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Journal on Education in Emergencies (JEiE)

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Ragnhild Dybdahl and James Williams


Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS)
Social and Emotional Learning