The Early Child Behavior Questionnaire-Short Form (ECBQ-S)

Published by
Department of Psychiatry-American University of Beirut Medical Center, Ministry of Public Health-Lebanon
Use: Basic research, Program monitoring, Program evaluation
Resource Category: Social-emotional Skills, Physical Skills and Health
Levels of Learning - Early Childhood Development
Psychosocial Support
Social and Emotional Learning

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The Early Childhood Behavior Questionnaire - Short (ECBQ-S) is a parent-report survey that was designed to measure toddlers’ emotional and behavioral regulation skills. It is intended to provide data for program evaluation purposes. Originally developed for use in Western contexts, an adapted version (version 1.0) was administered and tested with a sample of 162 Lebanese parents of toddlers ages 18 - 36 months participating in American University of Beirut’s Preventive Parenting Program at public health centers, nurseries, corporate and academic institutions in and around Beirut. Although there was not evidence to support the use of version 1.0, a version 2.0 developed based on the results of the testing is promising for the intended purpose with recommended revisions and further testing. 

Please download below packages for either version 1 or 2 of the measure. Each package includes the corresponding measure in English and Arabic, and the technical working paper, training manual, and scoring guide in English. 

For more information, please contact Dr. Leyla Akoury-Dirani at

ECBQ Version 1 (2.79 MB)
ECBQ Version 2 (2.63 MB)