Development of an ECDiE Coordinator Toolbox

This report summarizes key insights from the ECDiE Coordinator Learning Cohort about the potential development of an ECDiE Coordinator Toolbox, including recommendations on:

  • Potential toolkit format and contents, identifying both existing resources and gaps to be filled.
  • Next steps for the development of a toolbox that could be taken forward by the ECDiE community.

If/when developed, the ECDiE Coordinator Toolbox would be intended to provide tools and resources for individuals like those participating in the ECDiE Coordinator Learning Cohort, who support ECD coordination within and/or across clusters/sectors at the country or crisis level. These ECDiE coordinator roles vary by context. Please see our ECDiE Coordinator Profiles for descriptions of each cohort member’s role and responsibilities.

The insights and recommendations in this report are based on discussions with the ECDiE Coordinator Learning Cohort members focusing on the following questions:

  • What existing coordination tools and resources have been most useful in your work? Where are there gaps in the available resources?
  • If you were starting your role for the first time, what tools/resources would you want in your toolbox?
  • What toolbox would you put together for someone in a similar ECDiE coordinator role in another context?
  • Where and/or to whom (role/function) do you go for support in your role?

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