Countering Violent Extremism: An Introductory Guide to Concepts, Programming, and Best Practices

This curriculum is an attempt at overcoming these challenges. It is designed to provide training for government and civil society workers on the field of countering violent extremism, whether or not they have prior experience with it. It is structured into ten learning modules and is accompanied by training materials, including a facilitator’s guide, slide presentations, handouts, and pre-recorded webinars to allow for multi-day trainings. The materials include a series of activities for each module and links to illustrative videos that provide primers for discussion and reflection.

This curriculum delivers a contextually literate training program on countering violent extremism and awareness-raising that is relevant and accessible across regional contexts. It highlights the benefits of collaborative approaches that go beyond military or securitized responses to violent extremism and offers tools and guidance for easy adaptation to local contexts and cultures. Finally, it encourages the early identification and mitigation of risks with programming, as well as ensuring a Do No Harm approach.

This training curriculum was produced by Search for Common Ground in collaboration with Hedayah and generously financed by the European Union through the STRIVE Global Program.