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Coronavirus prevention campaign through Community Radios in Bangladesh

Eighteen Bangladeshi Community Radio Broadcasters has started broadcasting program on Coronavirus Education for the rural people about the virus and the precautionary measures needed to escape the infection for making aware since March 01, 2020.

As a result, the panic among the community people has been reducing gradually and they are taking precautionary measures to prevent contamination of Corona virus. Besides, a good coordination has been established among government and private organizations. This awareness campaign will be continued unto the normal situation is bring back.

The radios are broadcasting altogether 4 hours program daily on Corona virus contamination in different formats like- news, Public Service Announcement (PSA), radio talks, magazine, drama, jingles, interview and expert opinions etc. The contents of the programs are- how to contaminate, symptoms of the patients, precautionary steps for preventing contamination, service provider, service providing agencies and service delivery points, experts’ opinions, and the role of community people.

Also included is the program outline, including topics and timing.

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