Connected Learning in Crisis Consortium

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Connected Learning in Crisis Consortium
Levels of Learning - Tertiary Education

The Connected Learning Consortium aims to promote, coordinate, collaborate and/or support the provision of quality higher education in contexts of conflict, crisis and displacement through connected learning by sharing and disseminating knowledge, experience and evidence; developing innovative and good practice; and ensuring accountability to students and their communities in order to foster self-reliance.

What is connected learning?

Connected learning engages learners in ways that allow them to link different dimensions of their learning environments: personal interests, peer relationships and opportunities. Connected learning pedagogies have been particularly successful in low-resource and marginalised learning contexts.

Why is connected learning important?

International policies and agreements, such as the Sustainable Development Goals, have underscored the importance for higher education for refugees. The demand is significant, yet only 1% of eligible refugee students are able to access accredited programs and do so mainly through scholarships. 

In an effort to meet this demand, a group of universities and organizations have implemented Connected Learning programs. 


The Connected Learning Consortium creates guidelines for the designing and implementing these programmes, based on the experience of programmes that they have been delivering since 2004. 

Their objectives are to:

  • Coordinate efforts and collaborate on the provision of Higher Education in contexts of conflict, crisis and displacement through connected learning;
  • Develop innovative and good practice, quality standards and sustainable and potentially scalable solutions;
  • Develop, share and disseminate scientific evidence and M&E models respectful of humanitarian principles;
  • Raise awareness and advocate for connected learning in higher education in contexts of conflict, crisis and displacement; and
  • Develop and share innovative pedagogical approaches to delivering technology-supported connected learning.

To learn more about the Consortium and the work that they do, follow the link below.