Conceptual Framework for Education in Emergencies Data

This conceptual framework aims to build a shared and comprehensive understanding of what constitute EiE data and of the concepts and processes that underpin and guide work on EiE data across a range of contexts, including acute emergencies, protracted crises, and displacement. The framework also presents a number of strategic priorities for improving the data ecosystem and ensuring a holistic, joined-up approach to data that can help countries manage crises and build resilience. It does not seek to create something new or to reinvent the wheel. Rather, it brings together existing work on EiE data as well as on coordination, humanitarian–development coherence, and resilience, zooming out for a fuller picture of what data are needed and when, why they matter, and how to better align and optimize their production and use across the humanitarian–development– peace nexus.

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UNESCO International Institute for Education Planning (UNESCO-IIEP)


Humanitarian Sectors - Education