Case Study

Coaching – Observing – Reflecting – Engaging (CORE) for Teachers: A well-being and support intervention for teachers

This case study was collected as part of Teachers in Crisis Contexts (TiCC) Event Series to share compelling examples of programs and practices that positively influence improvements in teachers’ work conditions and teaching practice.  For more case studies, click here.


In Colombia and the Gaza Strip, this project worked or will be working in formal schools with teachers who have had some pre-service training. As the project has a whole school approach, the demographics of the teachers in regards to years of experience, subject focus, age, gender, and pre- and post-service training will vary. The model is developed to work with individual teachers as much as possible, allowing for some adaptations developing on individual needs. Through a whole school, real time, and continuous quality improvement-based coaching model, CORE will support the teachers to build skills in teacher social-emotional competencies, teacher well-being, and positive classroom management.