The climate in our hands – Climate Change and Land, a teacher’s handbook for primary and secondary schools

This multidisciplinary guide is aimed at primary and middle school teachers (target: students aged 9 to 15) and offers turnkey sessions based on the investigative approach to help students understand climate change and the functioning of the land, through experiments or document analysis.  It concludes with proposals for mitigation or adaptation measures to be implemented in their schools or communities.

The guide book includes four main parts:

  • Scientific Overview: a teacher-friendly overview of the scientific background needed in order to master the topics that will be discussed in the lessons;
  • Pedagogical Overview: a brief overview of the different approaches to learning that are proposed in the guidebook, as well as some hints on how to make the best out of this teaching resource;
  • Part 1 - We understand: this is the core of the lesson plan. A series of lessons are proposed that follow the natural path of reasoning of students. 
  • Part 2 - We act: this second part of the class activities builds up on the knowledge and skills acquired in Part 1, and proposes a project-based learning approach.

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United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organziation (UNESCO)
Office for Climate Education (OCE)


Climate Change
Levels of Learning - Primary Education
Levels of Learning - Secondary Education