Child-focused Rapid Assessment of Humanitarian Needs

This needs assessment, conducted in Herat, Ghor and Badghis, used a qualitative child-centred and participatory methodological approach, and aimed to contribute to closing the knowledge gaps and to generate highquality in-depth evidence of the situation of children’s rights and well-being in western Afghanistan. 30 Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) explored the topic of child protection needs and power dynamics within the locations of interest. 12 case studies captured a range of experiences among children in the research areas, and one child in each location was invited to photograph their daily life and activities in the community. Parent/ caregiver focus group discussions (FGDs) (12) focused on child protection needs, risks and trends. In each location (for a total of six) an additional stakeholder FGD provided locally contextualised information regarding barriers faced in implementing child protection programmes. 

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