Beyond Survival: The Rise of Education in Emergencies as Global Field and Profession

Since the turn of the 21st century, the international aid community has embraced an unprecedented focus on education in situations of conflict and emergency. This dissertation argues that this growing global focus indicates a dramatic shift in how the world responds to humanitarian crises and how it envisions the role of education. It points to an earlier world in which humanitarian and development domains were more strictly divided and where education, though integral part of development, was not seen as a necessary social service to be delivered in times of humanitarian emergency. In three articles, the dissertation examines the factors that have facilitated today’s unprecedented global mobilization around education in crisis settings, studies the striking expansion of a global network that has been integral to this mobilization, and investigates how global specialists experience their work in this emergent professional field.

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Published by

Stanford Graduate School of Education

Authored by

Julia Celina Lerch


Education Policy