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Annotated Bibliography: Education for Youth Affected by Crisis

The list of documents reviewed is by no means exhaustive; it rather represents material that was kindly shared by members of the INEE Adolescent and Youth Task Team or was available online. The selection criteria for documents reviewed in this matrix were broadly defined as any texts dealing with, reviewing, analysing, evaluating or describing educational programmes catering specifically or partially to youth and adolescents in situations of emergency, protracted crisis, through to post-crisis and recovery. Preference was given to texts that address specific impacts and lessons learned. It has to be noted that this review is not meant to be a mapping exercise of existing programmes and actors, rather it attempts to document specific impacts of programmatic approaches.

Items in the Annotated Bibliography are hyperlinked to original documents where available. The entries briefly introduce the document setting the context (?) with the main goals and objectives of the specific study or programme described. Next, findings (=) are portrayed, wherever possible divided in success and positive impacts (+) and challenges, failures and gaps identified (-). Finally, conclusions (!) of the study or evaluation are given with any recommendations or lessons learned if specified.

As the documents are summarised, the reader has to take into account that original texts were written for very differing purposes, produced internally or externally, some less critical than others, written at different levels and in different styles which also affects the way any programmes might be depicted in this annotated bibliography. It is recommended to consult original documents for further information. Although every effort has been made to objectively summarise rather than assess or evaluate documents in the matrix, any errors, misrepresentations or misinterpretations of documents and programmes are the author’s.

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