Afghan Emergency Education Program

EAA have developed educational resources in a program for continuous learning for the Afghan refugee children in order to support a short-term and quick learning and growth program.

The following sequence is recommended:

  1. The Socio-Emotional Learning Package is a month-long program designed for hour long daily projects and mindfulness routines for learners between 4 – 14 years based on the award-winning Colours of Kindness Program designed by the Amal Alliance and the IFERB by EAA.
  2. Academic Learning Package
    • For those fluent in English: use the Learning Packages that are designed as student facing, gamified and technology free month long workbooks that contain daily hour long curated activities/projects from the award-winning IFERB. It is designed for 5 age groups for children between 2 – 14 years for Literacy and Numeracy. The Learning Packages can be accessed using this link
    • For those not-fluent in English: We will use the month-long interdisciplinary Activity books that are custom made for the Afghan refugees that have two activities per day based on a relevant broad weekly theme including an introduction of English as a Second Language. These are designed to be facilitated by volunteers for learners of 4 different age groups and can be downloaded below.

All of the learning recommended does not require technology, can be student lead or supported by volunteers and only requires basic stationery including paper and pencils.

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