Academic Readiness for Children (ARCH) - Turkey

2The Academic Readiness of Children in Arabic (ARCH-A) and Turkish (ARCH-T) is a measure that was designed to assess 8 domains of school readiness - visual perception, auditory perception, attention and memory, problem solving, basic concept skills, motor skills, social-emotional skills, and self-care - through a combination of child-completed performance tasks and parent-report survey questions. In its current form, it is intended to provide data for formative and program evaluation purposes, although future testing will evaluate its suitability for use as a screening tool.

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Evidence Snapshot

Much of the evidence is positive, and we are somewhat confident in the stability of the evidence. The small sample size, convenience sampling, and missing data may produce results that are unique to this dataset. Given that there is clear guidance on how the measure can be revised, we preliminarily recommend this measure for its specified purpose(s) with caution, suggesting revisions and additional testing with a larger, representative sample.
160 Turkish children and caregivers and 160 Syrian refugee children and caregivers ages 4 - 8

Measure Snapshot

For what?
Formative feedback
About what?
Social-emotional Skills
Paper/Pencil format
Child, Parent
By what method?
Observation, Performance-based assessmen

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New York University (NYU)
Bahçeşehir University, Hacettepe University

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Selçuk Şirin, Tülin Güler-Yildiz, Clare Clingain, Sibel Baykut, Derya Şirin


Literacy and Communication
Numeracy and Mathematics
Social and Emotional Learning

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