DCA Remote TiCC Training Package

Due to COVID-19, DCA TiCC training was adapted not only to a remote learning approach, but also designed to include COVID-19 topics and others that emerged as particularly relevant in the pre-training needs assessment. Training plans, modules, handouts and supporting materials were based on the INEE TICC Training Pack and the subsequent TICC Training Pack contextualized for Bangladesh through the Cox’s Bazar Education Sector.

The content of this Remote TiCC Training Package is a combination of content, tools, and lessons learned throughout the implementation of both the Foundational and Refresh Trainings. It seeks to be presented in a way that partners can build upon and customize to better fit their respective contexts and settings. Particular details about the Foundational and/or Refresh TICC Trainings are occasionally highlighted when relevant throughout the document, but it is not intended to be presented as a detailed plan of both trainings.

DCA Remote Teachers in Crisis Context Training Package for Cox’s Bazar includes five tools: Facilitation Guide, Pre-training Needs Assessment Tool, Pre and Post Test, Mid-term and Final Evaluation Form, and Participants’ Tracking Sheet. 

  1. Remote TiCC Training Facilitation Guide
  1. Pre-training Needs Assessment Tool
  1. Pre and Post Training Test
  1. Mid-term and Final Evaluation Forms
  1. Participants’ Tracking Sheet                                                                                  

All tools available here (including editable format in some cases). 

For more information, please feel free to reach out to Margo Goll mgol@dca.dk, Dipa Das dida@dca.dk, and Andreia Soares andreia.soares@kua.fi.

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