Approximately 2.8 million Syrian children have lost their opportunities for schooling because of the conflict that started in 2011. Many Syrian children who attend school face difficulties in learning, because they have endured long-term stress, or because they are being taught in a language they do not master.

In the fall of 2015, Norway therefore took the initiative to launch an international competition, calling for smartphone applications that can help Syrian children learn to read and improve their psychosocial well-being.

Two games won the competition: Feed the Monster and Antura and the Letters. They are both free to download and without advertisements.

The game is available in a wide range of languages, including Kiswahili, Oluganda, Yoruba, Brazilian Portuguese, Hindi and Turkish. Curious Learning purposefully chose languages used in parts of the world where a great number of children lack quality literacy learning opportunities when developing new versions of the game.

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