Teachers’ Observations of Learners’ Social and Emotional Learning (TOOLSEL)

Circle 2Teachers’ Observations of Learners’ Social and Emotional Learning (TOOLSEL) was developed in an attempt to assess a set of social, emotional, behavioral, and cognitive competencies among primary school-age children in fragile, conflict-affected settings. The teacher-report questionnaire about children’s behavior as observed in natural classroom settings intends to assess: prosocial behavior & academic engagement, social problems, working memory functioning, and emotional and behavioral regulation.

TOOLSEL is also the focus of a Journal on Education in Emergencies (JEiE) article.

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Evidence Snapshot

TOOLSEL shows good evidence for internal consistency reliability, internal structural validity, convergent/divergent validity, and measurement invariance. It would benefit from evidence on inter-rater and test-retest reliability. Because the measure in this context did not have the factor structure reflecting the original scale, it is not clear if it would perform the same way in other contexts and replication in similar (and different) settings would be useful.
3,661 Syrian refugee children ages 5-16 enrolled in Lebanese public schools

Measure Snapshot

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Avaliação do programa
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Competências Sociais e Emocionais
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NYU Global TIES for Children

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Ha Yeon Kim, Kalina Gjicali, Zezhen Wu, and Carly Tubbs Dolan


Social and Emotional Learning


Program evaluation

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Social-emotional Skills