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INEE partners with leading organizations in the field of education in emergencies (EiE) and post-crisis recovery through joint strategic relationships aimed at promoting coordination, capacity sharing, advocacy, knowledge sharing, evidence building, and standard-setting. INEE partnerships vary from institutional partnerships, formalized through signed agreements, to informal partnerships focused on capacity sharing and knowledge exchange.

Education Cannot Wait (ECW) 

ECW LogoINEE has a formal partnership with Education Cannot Wait (ECW) through a Letter of Understanding (LoU). INEE and ECW cooperate on three key areas: 1) provision of technical assistance and technical support, 2) information sharing and communications, and 3) advocacy. INEE is an ex officio member of ECW’s High-Level Steering Group and Executive Committee. INEE participates on ECW’s task teams and provides technical support to ECW on an ad hoc basis. 


IASC Global Education Cluster 

GEC LogoINEE is a long-standing partner of the IASC Global Education Cluster (GEC) and a member of the GEC Strategic Advisory Committee. INEE and GEC regularly exchange information, including jointly supporting technical requests from country-based practitioners via GEC’s and INEE’s HelpDesks. INEE participates in the Global Education Cluster Partners Forum as well as the GEC Localization Task Team. 


Initiative for Strengthening Education in Emergencies Coordination (ISEEC)

ISEEC logoThe Initiative for Strengthening Education in Emergencies Coordination (ISEEC) is a partnership launched by the Global Education Cluster, UNHRC, and INEE to promote coherent, joined up education sector coordination that improves education outcomes for crisis-affected children and youth through existing organizational platforms. The partners joined together in 2017 through the Education Cannot Wait funded Global Partners Project to strengthen joint education coordination during emergencies by developing global public goods. 


Humanitarian Standards Partnership 

HSP logoINEE is a member of the Humanitarian Standards Partnership, a collaboration between the world’s leading standards setting initiatives, which aims to improve the quality and accountability of humanitarian action through the application of humanitarian standards. Together, INEE and agencies in the HSP improve the quality of assistance provided to people affected by crisis and enhance the accountability of disaster preparedness and response. INEE is a member of the HSP Steering Committee and has contributed to the development of the HSPapp, which provides user-friendly access to global humanitarian standards on mobile devices.


Geneva Global Hub 

Geneva hub logoINEE is a founding member of the Geneva Global Hub for Education in Emergencies, along with the Government of Switzerland, Education Cannot Wait, the Global Education Cluster, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, and the International Committee of the Red Cross. The initiative developed from a 2019 Global Refugee Forum pledge to leverage the Geneva international community by convening actors for joint action so that all crisis-affected and displaced children and youth have their right to education protected and fulfilled. The Geneva Global Hub is a physical and virtual platform, which aims to be a catalyst for joint action among members and increase collaboration with other sectors to prioritise education in emergencies. The Hub will harness the expertise and capabilities of International Geneva’s diplomatic, humanitarian, development, migration, human rights, protection and peace experts and organisations, and academia, to inspire change internationally – increasing country-level impact as well as political, financial, and operational commitments for education in emergencies.


The Alliance for Child Protection in Humanitarian Action 

Alliance logoINEE & the Alliance are collaborating on a CPHA-EiE project, delivered by a Technical Focal Point and overseen by a cross sector, multi-agency Advisory Group. The project brings the sectors more closely together, encouraging joint and integrated programming through the development of a Position Paper, policy & advocacy materials, and a field-level Guidance Pack. INEE is also part of the Alliance Prevention Project Advisory Group to prevent child protection harm. The Advisory Group is developing key resources for practitioners to implement prevention actions in humanitarian settings. 



GADRRRES logoINEE is a long-standing partner and member of GADRRRES, established in 2013. The GADRRRES is a multi-stakeholder mechanism composed of UN agencies, international organizations, and global networks. The mission of GADRRRES is to ensure that all schools are safe from disaster risks and all learners live in a culture of safety. GADRRRES has developed and endorses the Comprehensive School Safety Framework and actively promotes the Worldwide Initiative for Safe Schools


Journal for Education in Emergencies

JEiE logoINEE partners with New York University to host the Journal on Education in Emergencies (JEiE). The JEiE publishes groundbreaking and outstanding scholarly and practitioner work on education in emergencies. The Journal is accessed via the INEE website and INEE provides support on communications, translation, and dissemination of the Journal. The JEiE Editorial Team and Editor-in-Chief are hosted by NYU. INEE sits on the JEiE Editorial Board and is in regular communication with the JEiE team to strategically coordinate INEE and JEiE efforts to strengthen the EiE evidence base. 


Building Evidence in Education Donor Group (BE2) 

BE2 logoINEE is a long-standing full member of the BE2 Donor Group. BE2 is a donor working group, launched in 2021 with the aim to engage bilateral and multilateral organizations and foundations. BE2 aims to strengthen donor research collaboration and coordination, encourage higher standards of commissioned research, and promote availability and access to rigorous evidence. From 2019-2020 INEE co-convened the BE2 Special Interest Group (SIG) on Education in Emergencies along with UNHCR. INEE currently participates in the SIGs on Education in Emergencies, Teacher Professional Development, and Knowledge Systems Strengthening. INEE regularly attends BE2 meetings and shares updates on INEE evidence work as well as engages in topical discussions related to evidence for education across the humanitarian and development sectors. 


UN Girls’ Education Initiative 

UNGEI logoINEE is a long-standing partner of UN Girls’ Education Initiative (UNGEI). UNGEI co-chairs INEE’s two gender-focused network spaces, the INEE Gender Working Group and the INEE Girls’ Education in Emergencies Reference Group. INEE and UNGEI regularly collaborate to develop tools and guidance on gender-responsive EiE, including the INEE Guidance Note on Gender and the EiE-GenKit



EDJAM Network Advisory Group 

EDJam logoINEE sits on the EDJAM (Education, Justice, and Memory) Network Advisory Group and serves as an impact partner to the research network to support dissemination of network learnings and research outputs. The EDJAM Research Network aims to support, connect, and amplify, to learn with and from those who are pioneering creative practices on ways to learn about difficult pasts and build skills to realize a better future. To this end, EDJAM is creating an inclusive, international and interdisciplinary network that builds capacity, amplifies innovative practices, and generates knowledge to contribute towards achieving SDG target 4.7. 


PEER Network Reference Group

PEER networkINEE contributes to the PEER (Political Economy of Education Research) Network by raising awareness of the network through the INEE website, including sharing events, research calls, tools, and research outputs. The PEER Research Network commissions research to create locally owned knowledge bases to better understand the underlying political, economic, and social reasons why some forms of education may exacerbate conflict. 


Strengthening EMIS and Data for Increased Resilience to Crises Reference Group 

INEE is a member of the UNESCO Reference Group. This project aims to draw on existing field-level data initiatives such as the Refugee EMIS (REMIS) led by UNHCR as well as Global Education Cluster initiatives. The group builds on existing complementary initiatives led by EiE partners including the INEE Data Summit held in June 2019. The Reference Group provides an advisory role by sharing expert advice and guidance to the development of six case studies, assisting in the preparation of an international conference, sharing recommendations from the conference, sharing emerging trends and best practices in EMIS and education data in emergencies, and linking where relevant to country-level and subnational learnings. 


UNICEF ESARO Regional Learning Hub 

UNICEF logoThe Regional Learning Hub aims to make remedial, catch-up, accelerated, lifewide and lifelong education and learning resources accessible and ready-to-deploy by governments across Eastern and Southern Africa. With this objective, UNICEF, UNESCO and UNHCR with INEE are coming together to create a resource that can: save time and money that government officials spend on developing and adapting education resources; improve the quality of education resources, especially for marginalized students; and create demand for locally relevant educational content. Currently a pilot for the initiative is underway to test the proof of concept. At later stages a portion of the curated content  will be housed on the INEE website. Pilot results are expected to be finalized by 30th December. 


UNESCO Teacher Task Force

TTF logoINEE is an active member of the International Task Force on Teachers for Education 2030 (also known as the Teacher Task Force or TTF). Created in 2008, upon agreement in the Oslo Declaration, the TTF is a unique global independent alliance working solely on teachers and teacher issues. It is dedicated to raising awareness, expanding knowledge and supporting countries on the questions and themes raised in target 4.c of SDG 4. In 2021 INEE’s Teachers in Crisis Contexts Collaborative will be partnering with the TTF, to support an event series and Call to Action for Transforming Sector-wide Support for Teachers in Crisis Contexts.


All Eyes on Learning Programme

All Eyes on Learning (AEoL) is a 3-year (October 2019 to October 2022) programme funded by Porticus under their Education in Displacement portfolio. Through the programme, Porticus supports a range of initiatives which collectively contribute towards ensuring that displaced children and children in host communities are attaining holistic learning outcomes which can support their full development (i.e., whole child development). INEE is an implementing partner in this programme and is currently implementing a project to develop a set of tools for coordination and coherence around PSS-SEL, in partnership with Harvard University’s EASEL Lab.


Salzburg Global Seminar - Whole Child Development for Displaced Learners Network 

Salzburg logoSalzburg Global Seminar is a non-profit organization that hosts programs on global topics as diverse as health care, education, culture, economics, geopolitics, LGBT issues, justice, and sustainability. INEE has been invited to participate in the Whole Child Development for Displaced Learners Network: “The Whole Child Development for Displaced Learners Network recognizes the unique challenges facing refugee children and promotes the inclusion of psychosocial support and social and emotional learning in education programs for displaced learners. Launching in 2021, the network will connect donors, intergovernmental agencies, governments and educators to create and sustain commitment to whole child development in contexts of conflicts and crisis.”


Global Education Cluster/Child Protection Area of Responsibility

GEC logoCPAor LogoThe GEC & CPAoR are working together on a Collaboration in Coordination Framework, for cluster coordinators and to support cluster members in cross sector collaboration around cluster functions. INEE sits on the Advisory Group that guides this work, and ensures it aligns with and complements the CPHA-EiE project. The CP-EiE Collaboration in Coordination Framework was completed in 2020 and is being piloted through 2021.



Measure and Metrics Initiative (Measurement Library)

The Education in Emergencies: Education for Action (3EA) Measurement and Metrics (M&M) initiative, founded by the International Rescue Committee and NYU Global TIES for Children,  focuses on the provision of quality, evidence-based educational services that improve children’s academic and social-emotional learning outcomes in crisis contexts requires that donors, policymakers (national and international), practitioners and researchers working in conflict and crisis settings demand and invest in, generate, communicate and use evidence to support children’s holistic learning and development. Since 2019, INEE has been a partner in this project by hosting the Measurement Library and convening the INEE Measurement Library Reference Group.


Harvard University EASEL Lab

EASEL Lab logoINEE entered into a formal partnership agreement with Harvard University’s EASEL Lab in order to develop a set of framework tools for coherence, coordination and localization in PSS-SEL in EiE settings. This is a 2.5 year project funded by the Porticus Foundation under their All Eyes of Learning (AEoL) programme.


Latin America and Caribbean EiE/DRR Working Group

The Regional Education Group for Latin America and the Caribbean has been established since 2011 within the framework of REDLAC to support the Ministries of Education and coordination mechanisms for responding to emergencies in the education sector (including disaster risk management, migration and COVID-19), and supports its actions on the basis of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Reduction (SFDRR), the Worldwide Initiative for Safe Schools (WISS) and the Global Education Cluster (GEC), in order to guarantee the right to education for all children, adolescents and young people in the region. INEE has been part of this Group since its establishment, supporting members EiE initiatives and receiving Group support to translate into Spanish several INEE resources, roll out INEE initiatives in Spanish speaking countries. The Group is co-led by UNICEF and Save the Children and is made up of UNHCR, AECID, NRC, ECHO, IFRC, INEE, IsraAid, OCHA, IOM, UN WOMEN, UNAIDS, PLAN International, RET Americas, UNDRR, UNESCO and WORLD VISION.


ECW Steering Committee for Regional MYRP - Venezuela

The Steering Committee for ECW Regional Multi-Year Resilience Programme for the Venezuela Situation (2020-2023) is a high-level oversight entity at the policy level. It is conformed by representatives from ECHO, R4V and INEE and its objective is to provide strong technical and overall decision making leadership and overall daily management of the programme’s implementation. The Steering committee will also lead the policy advocacy and resource mobilization for the MYRP. Detailed MYRP SC Terms of reference available here



Oxfam logoINEE is a member of the Oxfam BRiCE Steering Committee, which is responsible for the overall strategic direction and oversight of the Resilient Learners, Teachers and Education Systems project in Uganda and South Sudan. As a member of the Steering Committee, INEE engages in consultation and strategic decision making, and participates in the strengthening of the collaboration between consortium partners engaged in the project.


Lusophone Network for the Right to Education (ReLus, acronym in Portuguese) 

INEE is a founding member of ReLus back in 2010. INEE and ReLus have been joining efforts on Advocacy initiatives for the Right to Education particularly in Lusophone countries.  INEE attends ReLus follow up meetings and is part of the decision making process on ReLus strategic planning and workplan. 


Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Porto

Univ Porto logoINEE and the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Porto (FPCEUP, acronym in Portuguese) have been working together on EiE and INEE MS trainings and capacity building initiatives; networking, such as Meet-Ups; and research about EiE in Portuguese speaking countries. For example in Mozambique, INEE and FPCEUP are coming together to co-implement a research program, funded by Portuguese MFA to  build evidence on local education communities resilience following Cyclone Idai in 2019.



Fraternidade – International Humanitarian Federation (FIHF) 

Fraternidade logoINEE and FIHF have been joining efforts to leverage INEE Minimum Standards in Brazil and Latin America and to build the capacity of education professionals and MS framework in Portuguese, since September 2020. INEE Country Focal for Brazil is hosted by FIHF. 


The University of Tromsø

U of Tromso logoPilot participant in UiT and Norwegian Refugee Council’s Education in Emergencies online course, providing feedback on content and user-experience.


Save the Children and the University of Geneva

Save logoU of Geneva logoINEE are working closely with Save the Children, the University of Geneva, and other EiE stakeholders, to develop ‘EiE Online’. EiE Online provides 200 hours of e-learning content, for EiE practitioners wanting to develop the skills set out in the EiE Competency Framework. EiE Online is an intermediate course, and is an open inter-agency resource available to all via the Kaya platform. INEE, Save the Children, the University of Geneva and other EIE stakeholders continue to collaborate on Professional Development initiatives for the EiE sector. 


Coalition Education

CE LogoCoalition Education gathers 22 french civil organizations that work together for the right to education through their advocacy efforts and to encourage governments to mobilize funds and better support education with a focus in the global south countries. There is no formal agreement between CE and the INEE FLC, we support each other in our individual events such as webinars, EiE consultations and roundtable. We provide each other with technical support and outreach within our members. CE has helped INEE’s FLC gain visibility in the French EiE sphere by inviting the FLC space to present INEE and by enabling in person INEE meet-ups in their offices. CE is one of the FLC’s key partners.


Education Cluster Burkina Faso

GEC BF logoThe Education Cluster Burkina Faso and INEE’s FLC work together on outreach to members and have reinforced their communication and relationship over the past 2 years. We are in regular contact about EiE news in the region, they feed into INEE and we feed into their member organizations. They have been essential in the process of organizing online live events for the FLC by identifying potential speakers and/or sharing information on the events to participants since Spring 2020. We are now discussing future capacity building opportunities with them. There is no formal partnership agreement.



GEC (francophone colleagues) and INEE’s FLC are in regular contact about EiE news, they have been essential in the process of organizing online live events for the FLC by identifying potential speakers and/or sharing information on the events to participants since Spring 2020. We are now looking at reinforcing coordination around future capacity building events. There is no formal partnership agreement.



NRC logoNRC, DEVCO and INEE work together on the “Never too late to Learn”project which will end in 2022. The INEE component of the project is focused on CSE, capacity building and dissemination of lessons learned. 9 INEE CSE trainings were delivered in DRC and Tanzania since 2018, 2 blogs were written by the INEE project focal points for DRC and Tanzania. INEE is an implementing partner. 



UNESCO IICBA LogoUNESCO-IICBA and INEE’s FLC are in regular contact about EiE news, they have been essential in the process of organizing online live events for the FLC by identifying potential speakers and/or sharing information on the events to participants since Spring 2020. The FLC participated in their online events. We are now looking at reinforcing coordination around future capacity building events. There is no formal partnership agreement.

The list is non-exhaustive and INEE is open to exploring new partnerships to advance its mission in line with its priorities and functions. 

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