INEE Minimum Standards for Education, 2024 Edition

Since 2004, the INEE Minimum Standards for Education: Preparedness, Response, Recovery (INEE MS) have provided a framework for inclusive and equitable quality education. The purpose of the handbook is: 

  • To improve the quality of education preparedness, response, and recovery;INEE Minimum Standards, 2024 Edition, cover
  • To increase access to safe and relevant learning opportunities;
  • To ensure that the actors who provide these services are held accountable.

The INEE MS are designed to be applicable to crisis response in many different situations, including emergencies caused by conflict, by natural hazards such as those induced by climate change, and slow- and rapid-onset crises in both rural and urban environments.

This updated version of the INEE MS reflects new learning, evidence, perspectives, and evolving needs within a changing humanitarian-development landscape. It ensures that the Standards remain relevant, accessible, and adaptable, and continue to support education stakeholders everywhere.

This third edition has been realized through the dedicated engagement of more than 1,600 individuals across 35 countries, representing diverse contexts and experiences. INEE wishes to thank the many individuals and organizations who collaborated on the INEE MS, 2024 Edition.

For a complete list of acknowledgments, click here.

Different ways to access the INEE MS, 2024 Edition:

  • Downloadable PDF (Available in English)
  • Online version (Available in English)
  • Hard copies: Hard copies of the INEE MS will soon be available for purchase through a third-party publisher. If you are interested in printing the INEE MS yourself or need support to obtain hard copies, contact
  • Translations: Translations into Arabic, French, Portuguese, and Spanish are forthcoming. Please note official translations of the INEE MS will only be published by INEE. If you are interested in translating the INEE MS into a non-INEE language, contact

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To learn more about the 2024 update process, watch the short video below. (Available in English with subtitles in Arabic, French, Portuguese, and Spanish.)