Social-Emotional Response and Information Scenarios (SERAIS) - Lebanon

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Social-Emotional Response and Information Scenarios (SERAIS) is a scenario-based student assessment designed to measure a suite of social and emotional skills among elementary school-aged children. The measure introduces children to six hypothetical social situations, and prompts them to answer a series of questions asking what they would do in that situation in order to measure four constructs: hostile attribution bias, emotional orientation, emotional regulation, and interpersonal negotiation skills. It is intended to provide data for program evaluation purposes. 

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Evidence Snapshot

Results of the testing indicated that SERAIS is ready for purpose with modest revisions if used in the same context. If used in a new context, the measure requires adaptation of the social situation scenarios and items and further testing. We note that versions of SERAIS have also been adapted & tested in Niger and Nigeria.
3,661 Syrian children ages 5-16 enrolled in Lebanese formal schools

Measure Snapshot

For what?
Program evaluation
About what?
Social-emotional Skills
Paper/Pencil format
Enumerator/Data Collector
By what method?
Performance-based assessment

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International Rescue Committee (IRC)
NYU Global TIES for Children

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Ha Yeon Kim & Carly Tubbs Dolan


Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS)
Social and Emotional Learning

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Program evaluation, Basic research

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Social-emotional Skills