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Safeguarding and Duty of Care Consultancy


Job Description

Job Description

The National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER) is the UK’s leading independent provider of educational research, evaluation, and assessment services. For 75 years, we have designed and delivered robust, high quality research, analysis and assessments to the education sectors in the UK and internationally.

We are seeking a suitably qualified consultant/s to undertake a review of our existing safeguarding and duty of care capabilities. Utilising the analysis from this review, the consultant/s will subsequently produce an outline for a Safeguarding and Duty of Care Policy and design a programme of activities to implement this policy. The consultant/s will be able to build on an internal review conducted in 2021 and should draw on industry tested safeguarding approaches for best practice in the sector.

We envisage the work being undertaken in three phases.

Phase 1 – Review of current practice

  • To review NFER’s current processes, systems and policies for Safeguarding and Duty of Care. Considering how this extends across the supply chain and across global contexts. Identify approach for phase 2.

Phase 2 - Design future policies, guidance and tools and resources for implementation

  • To design and create policy documents and accompanying guidance for future safeguarding and duty of care across the supply chain. This should consider how to implement and embed this across the supply chain and internally.

Phase 3 – Capacity building and recommendations for learning and development and embedding Safeguarding and Duty of Care across the supply chain

  • To make recommendations for internal capacity building, including tailored learning and development modules to embed the safeguarding and duty of care approach.

The Scope

The scope of the assignment should cover the areas listed below, along with any other topics the consultant/s recommends as necessary to consider to fulfil the overall objective.

  • Internal and External Review: Review of current safeguarding and duty of care processes and policies
  • Key Information Interviews: Interviews and consultation with key staff working across the organisation on the international portfolio and beyond
  • Inception Report: Requirements and Recommendations: Inception document with necessary requirements and recommendations
  • Safeguarding and Duty of Care Policy: Development of a people-centric safeguarding and duty of care policy applicable to NFER and the wider supply chain
  • Guidance document: Draft and final guidance document to support policy documents
  • Implementation plan: Tools and resources to embed Safeguarding and Duty of Care within the organisation
  • Learning and Development: Capacity building and recommendations for training and implementation of the updated policy documents
  • Final Report: Report containing key policy recommendations, learning and development and handover for NFER staff

Timeline for activities

We estimate the level of effort for completion of the three phases of the consultancy to be up to 25 days. Although, we expect consultants to recommend, in their proposals, a level of effort that is proportional to the task and their proposed approach.
The consultancy will start in November 2021 and be completed before January 2022. The consultancy is open to a consultant or team of consultants, especially if this would enable an earlier completion of the assignment.

Application Process

Application Process

Responding to the TOR
Consultants interested in carrying out this assignment should provide by 29 October 2021 a short proposal which contains the following components:

  • A short description of your proposed approach to the three phases of the work including process and time frame and number of days for each
  • A summary of skills and experience which makes you suitable for the assignment together with a CV showing relevant previous assignments and clients. Please indicate how the examples are relevant to this assignment and provide two references that we can contact.
  • A fee quote and rationale for consultant’s time and any other costs that will be charged in undertaking this assignment. The quote should include a daily fee rate and expected number of days required to complete the activities.

Please upload your proposal or email us at