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Programmes Manager

Generations For Peace
Jordan- Amman

Job Description

Job Description

1.     Purpose of the Position: 

     Reporting to, guided and directed by the Programmes Director, the Programmes Manager will be responsible to: 

  • Lead the overall strategic planning for GFP Programmes in assigned thematic clusters, ensuring alignment with broader GFP strategic and annual plans, and thought leadership in conceptualizing new programmes to further innovation, quality, impact and sustainability of GFP’s programmes. 
  • Direct, supervise, manage, mentor and lead the development the Team Leaders in each assigned thematic cluster, liaising with the ILD and the rest of Programmes Department; and guide and take part in the activities promoting and supporting competency development and horizontal learning across the Department. 
  • Lead each of the assigned teams in robust technical design, budgeting, development, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting of cost effective, innovative, high quality GFP international programmes delivering measurable, sustainable impact, in accordance with GFP Programming Framework and available resources. 
  • Lead each of the assigned teams in establishing and developing and nurturing partnerships with donors, and in development of partnership and grant proposals and reports, liaising with Fundraising team and Communications team. 
  • Lead each of the assigned teams in establishing and developing and nurturing partnerships with satellite offices, Local Partner Organisations, and in development of partnership agreements, capacity development, and reports. 

2. Responsibilities: 

Leading and supervising work and capacity/professional development of assigned International Programme(s) staff by: 

Strategic and Thought Leadership and Representation 

  • Leading assigned teams in strategic planning and thought leadership in conceptualizing new programmes, seizing emergent opportunities to achieve ever-greater innovation, quality, impact and sustainability of GFP’s programmes. 
  • Feeding data, ideas, feedback and comments into wider strategic planning with Programmes Director and Senior Management Team, including recommendations on strategic choices about allocation of funding and human resources. 
  • Leading assigned teams to ensure high quality information, data, and stories from Programmes are fed into Communications Department efforts and Fundraising efforts. 
  • Representing GFP at senior level with Delegates and Pioneers, Local Partners, Donors and media; and also supporting Team Leaders and the Programmes Management in their representation of GFP. 

Programmes Department staff management and development 

  • Providing direct supervision, daily mentoring support, weekly one-on-one meetings, and 6-monthly staff performance review to Team Leaders in assigned teams, building and modelling an effective relationship of professional maturity, trust, open feedback and radical candor. 
  • Leading on technical/hard and behavioural;/soft competency development of Team Leaders in assigned teams, with a special focus on development of relevant technical expertise and on development of leadership and effective delegation and mentoring, with support inputs where necessary from other colleagues in PD, in ILD, other departments or external sources. 
  • Providing mentoring to Team Leaders in assigned teams, and ensuring every team member also has an effective mentoring plan. 
  • Liaising with HR team on human resources management issues in assigned teams, to resolve problems promptly and to maximise motivation, productivity and a culture of teamwork and excellence. 
  • In coordination with the Programmes Director & HR team, lead on the staff recruitment in assigned teams. 
  • Lead by example, and ensure Team Leaders similarly lead by example, to build a “one-team” organisational culture where PD teams collaborate seamlessly and effectively with staff in other departments towards achieving clearly defined shared goals. 

Leading Programme development and delivery 

  • Ensure that GFP programmes led by each of the assigned teams are well-managed in accordance with GFP’s Programming Framework and PD’s quality assurance processes, consistently achieving “Gold” status in GFP’s Programme Management Status metrics. 
  • Ensure that GFP programmes led by each of the assigned teams are achieving and communicating measurable positive outcomes and impacts, with quantitative and qualitative data. 
  • Ensure continuous updating of programmes database/extranet and monthly reports to the Programmes Director on progress of Programmes, problems arising, and plans for continual innovation and growth. 
  • Ensuring each assigned Team Leader leads on programme task tracking, execution and reporting 
  • Ensure good coordination by Team Leaders across Programmes Department, ILD, Institute, Communications and Support Services Department regarding the timing, curriculum content, training design, schedule, facilitator preparation, participant selection, learning needs assessments, event management, communications and pre and post-training survey evaluations of all Trainings for the assigned programmes. 
  • Carefully reviewing proposed Programmes budget plans and resource allocations and ensuring that Team Leaders are carefully tracking expenditure and human resource inputs (timesheets) for all assigned programmes each month. 
  • Ensure all Team Leaders are passing a regular flow of high-quality information, data and stories to feed Communications needs.
  • Ensure each assigned Team Leader leads on programme reflection for each programme to identify and share lessons learned and recommendations.  
  • Facilitating sharing and horizontal learning across teams in Programmes Department. 

Grant and proposal development, and donors reporting 

  • Providing guidance and feedback to assigned Team Leaders in conceptualising new programme proposals, ensuring every programme concept has a compelling Theory of Change, informed by data about the context, needs, and previous programme interventions, and seizing emergent opportunities to achieve ever-greater innovation, quality, impact and sustainability of GFP’s programmes. 
  • Leading (supported by Programmes Senior Director and in coordination with Fundraising Department staff) on the development and stewardship of effective relationships/partnerships with each donor and partner for assigned programmes. 
  • Providing guidance and feedback to assigned Team Leaders on input to programme proposals, presentations and reports to donors and partners. Ensuring in particular that Team Leaders synthesise M&E data analysis produced by ILD, and apply contextual knowledge to highlight key points and generate recommendations. 
  • Ensure all Team Leaders meet all reporting deadlines, and carefully review and approve monthly, quarterly, intermediate and annual programme reports – both narrative reports and financial reports. 

Establishing and nurturing effective partnerships with Local Partner Organisations, GFP local registrations and satellite offices 

  • Support Team Leaders (and the Programmes Director) to establish and nurture effective partnerships with Local Partner Organisations, GFP local registrations and satellite offices, for enhanced local capacity, strengthened local administration, greater sustainability and cost-effectiveness. 
  • Support Team Leaders to lead on capacity assessments of potential and current Local Partner Organisations, GFP local registrations and satellite offices, to identify capacity development needs and opportunities for horizontal learning. 
  • Carefully review Local Partner Agreements prepared by Team Leaders for each Local Partner Organisation relationship for each programme cycle. 
  • Support Team Leaders and Pioneers to progress and complete GFP local registrations, liaising with other departments for technical support. 

Any other delegated tasks as prescribed by supervisor.

3. Key Results Areas: 

  • Personal leadership and example 
  • Supervision, development and mentoring of assigned Team Leaders 
  • Programmes Management Status metrics for assigned programmes 
  • Quantitative and Qualitative data on outcomes and impacts of assigned programmes, from baseline/endline and PE Reports 
  • Oversight of Timeliness and Quality of narrative reports to donors and partners 
  • Oversight of Timeliness and Quality of Budget tracking and Financial reporting, to donors and partners 
  • Quality of evidence, information, and data provided for Communications use 
  • Quality of inputs into programme proposals, grant applications and strategic planning 
  • Quality of relationships with donors, partners, Local Partner Organisations, GFP local registrations and satellite offices for assigned Programme(s) 
  • Continuous personal learning, competency development, and growth

4. Generations for Peace Values: 

  • Leadership: demonstrating leadership and fostering leadership in others, both within the Programmes Department and with Delegates and Pioneers in the field. 
  • Respect & Tolerance: showing respect and tolerance for all, within the Programmes Department, within the wider GFP office, with implementing partners, & with Delegates & Pioneers in the field. 
  • Empowerment & Teamwork: supporting Programmes Department members and Delegates and Pioneers in the field, through proactive delegation skills and coaching and guidance to empower them and encourage creativity, use of initiative, and positive participation in teamwork. 
  • Responsibility:  demonstrating and encouraging responsibility, accountability and transparency, professionalism, care and diligence in respect of all people and property, and the brand and reputation of the organisation; seeking quality, effectiveness, sustainability, efficiency and good value for money; to maximise positive impact whilst minimising risk. 

5. Education, Qualifications, Competences, Skills Required: 

  • University bachelor’s degree essential, preferably in a relevant discipline. 
  • At least seven years’ professional experience in a related position/positions 
  • Experience in leading a team of five members or more. 
  • Experience in project and programme management, preferably in international development. 
  • Experience in managing volunteer-led community programmes 
  • Experience in conflict transformation and peacebuilding programmes 
  • Experience in programme design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation 
  • Experience establishing and developing partnerships with organisations 
  • Experience in training and facilitation 
  • Experience in mentoring others 
  • Experience in curriculum development 
  • Experience of working in a multi-cultural team 
  • Ability to manage multiple concurrent priorities and work under pressure 
  • Ability to reflect, learn, and improve, and experience in using feedback processes for learning 
  • Excellent computer skills (documents/spreadsheets/databases/presentations/calendars/email) 
  • Excellent spoken and written English and Arabic, including written programme plans and reports 
  • Interest in global current affairs, conflict and peace building and international development 
  • Masters’ Degree in a relevant discipline 
  • Demonstrated knowledge of different theories of conflict transformation and social change 
  • Experience in international development especially community development and behaviour change programming is useful but not essential 
  • Experience in different forms of evaluation, including participatory evaluation, participatory video, most significant change, is useful but not essential 
  • Experience in sport-based approaches to behaviour change is useful but not essential 
  • Experience in arts-based approaches to behaviour change is useful but not essential 
  • Experience in dialogue approaches for conflict transformation is useful but not essential 
  • Experience in advocacy for community-led change is useful but not essential 
  • Experience in event management is useful but not essential 
  • Travel and experience working in other countries

About Us:

Generations For Peace (GFP) is a Jordan-based global non-profit peacebuilding organization founded by HRH Prince Feisal Al Hussein of Jordan in 2007.

Dedicated to sustainable conflict transformation at the grassroots, Generations For Peace empowers volunteer leaders of youth to promote active tolerance and responsible citizenship in communities experiencing different forms of conflict and violence.

Carefully facilitated sport-based games, art, advocacy, dialogue, empowerment, and media activities provide an entry point to engage children, youth, and adults, and a vehicle for integrated education and sustained behavioural change.

Application Process

Application Process

** Candidates are encouraged to apply before the deadline 17 Jun 2023.

** Shortlisting and interviews will be on a rolling basis.