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INEE Consultant: Website Development

INEE - Geneva Global Hub for Education in Emergencies

Job Description

Job Description


Continued access to quality education during and after conflict, disaster, or epidemics plays an important role for crisis-affected and displaced children, youth, families and communities. And yet, the right to education during and after these periods of emergencies and protracted crises is unevenly addressed by governments, the international community, donors and other stakeholders. Education in emergencies (EiE) is crucial for the survival, protection, and resilience of individuals as well as for the social and economic fabric and recovery of crisis-affected communities. Approximately 52% of the world’s forcibly displaced people are children; yet, less than 24% of refugees are enrolled in secondary school. Today, 257 million school-aged children are not in school and approximately half of them live in countries affected by crisis and conflict. The COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated this situation.
The newly established Geneva Global Hub for Education in Emergencies needs a quality website to enhance the Geneva Global Hub’s visual identity, allow for information sharing about its vision, mission and goals with stakeholders (members, Permanent Missions in Geneva, representatives of UN agencies, humanitarian and development partners, civil society organizations), as well as the communication of activities, events and results. Interacting through the website, initial co-signatories and members of the Geneva Global Hub will disseminate quality content to, in turn, increase distinguishability and establish the Geneva Global Hub as a leader in EiE issues among Geneva actors.

Who We Are

The Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE), is a global network of over 18,000 individual members, affiliated with more than 4,000 organizations from 190 countries with representatives from UN agencies, International and National NGOs, donors, governments, universities, schools and affected populations working together to ensure all persons the right to a quality education in emergencies (EiE) and post-crisis recovery. As INEE is a network and hosted by its membership, the IRC hosts the INEE Secretariat.

Following the 2019 Global Refugee Forum in Geneva, INEE co-signed the pledge to promote Geneva as the Global Hub for EiE alongside Switzerland, UNICEF, the Global Education Cluster (GEC), Education Cannot Wait (ECW), the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies and the University of Geneva. The Geneva Global Hub for Education in Emergencies is an ambitious commitment towards the realisation of the right to education for crisis-affected and displaced children and youth. The current membership is at 23, including the initial co-signatories - Switzerland, Education Cannot Wait (ECW), Global Education Cluster, the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, ICRC, INEE, the University of Geneva, UNICEF, UNESCO and UNHCR – and 13 new members since the launch on 25 January 2021: Arigatou International, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Enfants du Monde, Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack (GCPEA), Humanitarian Development Partnerships, Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (iDMC), IFRC, Jesuit Refugee Service, NORCAP, Norwegian Refugee Council, People in Need, Plan International and World Vision International (WVI). Technical colleagues from the initial co-signatories, and WVI, make up the Technical Working Group (TWG), which provides technical expertise and acts as a sounding board.

Scope of Work 

The consultant will create, launch, and update as necessary a new Geneva Global Hub for Education in Emergencies website. This will serve as a virtual platform for all stakeholders (members, Permanent Missions in Geneva, representatives of UN agencies, humanitarian and development partners, civil society organizations) and as the main source of information: vision, mission and goals with, as well as the communication of activities, events and results. Based on initial discussions and examples from other initiatives, the consultant will create a fully functional website and a related user’s guide, for the new Geneva Global Hub for EiE.

The project will be managed by the Geneva Global Hub Coordinator who will be supported by a Geneva Global Hub part-time intern; review and feedback will be sought from interested TWG members. Once the contract starts, an initial version of a modern, simple and responsive website is expected within one to two months, which will then be elaborated and further fine-tuned during the rest of the contract.

The Geneva Global Hub website should include a Main Menu with different pages as follows:

  • Home (including social media icons)
  • About
    • Who We Are
    • Governance & Team
    • Members
      • How to Become a Member
  • What We Do
  • Knowledge Platform
  • News and Publications
  • Events
  • FAQs
  • Contact

Final structure may vary based on consultant’s advice and stakeholders’ feedback. 


  • Proposals for basic website structure and layout of key pages: Develop a set of varying options for foundational structure and design for the website, as well as search engine optimization (SEO), social media integration, security and privacy protocols, and regulation compliance
  • Website questionnaire for TWG members: Outline potential structures, designs, and content for the website for Geneva Global Hub members and seek, compile, and analyze feedback from them on design preferences, target audiences, value propositions, etc. 
  • Proposal for content management system, as well as domain and hosting options: Research and make a recommendation on the best domain name, most cost-effective and best platform for hosting and developing the website 
  • Website Mockup: Create a first version of the website, including initial written and visual content developed by the Geneva Global Hub Coordinator and other communications colleagues, as appropriate
  • Presentation of Website Mockup: Review first design proposal with Geneva Global Hub Coordinator, Geneva Global Hub TWG members (including the INEE representative) and compile feedback for revision 
  • Development of live website: Following Geneva Global Hub style guide and incorporating stakeholders inputs and feedback, create a live Geneva Global Hub live website in English with software-generated automatic translation into the six official languages of the UN (Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish) and Portuguese. 
  • Finalization of website: Present the live website to Geneva Global Hub Coordinator, Geneva Global Hub TWG members (including the INEE representative) and compile feedback for final revision
  • User/Administrator guide and training: Draft a comprehensive guide for maintaining the website, including step-by-step instructions on making edits and links to additional resources and train the Geneva Global Hub Coordinator and one additional colleague (INEE) on how to use it
  • Train the Geneva Global Hub Coordinator on how to update the website menus and content 
  • Regular maintenance: Provide monthly and as-needed updates and non-content edits after the website is launched

Payment Rate and Schedule: TBD per hour, paid monthly upon submission of an invoice and approval of work completed.

Skills & Qualifications

  • At least 5 years of professional experience in website creation and maintenance
  • Demonstrative experience in all aspects of website development and maintenance
  • Fluency in English and excellent communication skills
  • Strong organization skills, attention to detail, the ability to manage complex projects and deadlines
  • Ability and willingness to work independently, with limited daily supervision, and also in collaboration with globally dispersed colleagues and partners

Application Process

Application Process

Please send a CV and a brief proposal including a timeline and budget estimate for the 1) development and launch of the website and 2) maintenance through December 2021 (with the possibility to renew); hourly rate, basic development process, examples of sites built and maintained to by the deadline listed above.