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Consultant to Support the Update of INEE MS Training Tools for Synchronous Delivery

Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE)

Job Description

Job Description

Background of the project 

INEE is a global network of over 20,000 individual members, affiliated with more than 4,000 organizations from 190 countries with representatives from UN agencies, International and National NGOs, donors, governments, universities, schools, and affected populations, working together to ensure all persons, access to quality education in emergencies (EiE).

The purpose of the Minimum Standards for Education: Preparedness, Response, Recovery (INEE MS)  is to improve the quality of education preparedness, response, and recovery; to increase access to safe and relevant learning opportunities; and to ensure that the actors who provide these services are held accountable.  The INEE MS are designed to apply to crisis response in many different situations, including emergencies caused by conflict, by natural hazards such as those induced by climate change, and slow- and rapid-onset crises in both rural and urban environments. No country or education system today is immune from crisis, and the INEE MS provide a common framework that can be applied in any economic, political, or social context.

Scope of Work

This consultancy aims to support the revision and update of training material on the INEE MS to align with the forthcoming INEE MS 2023 edition.

The materials will cater to diverse learners in emergency education contexts and promote accessibility, flexibility, and sustainability. Hence, the final product will be a modular training and facilitation pack that is easily adaptable to a target audience that is different from one delivery setting to another.

This consultancy is limited to supporting the update and development of specific tools and resources and requires engaging with EiE practitioners in languages other than English.

The consultancy requires both knowledge of the INEE Minimum Standards and technical skills in instructional design, content development, and facilitation for professional development purposes.

The consultant will closely collaborate with the Learning and Development Coordinator and follow the internal INEE learning and development framework  (L&D) throughout the update process. This includes:

  • Reviewing existing INEE MS training materials and the related harmonized training pack modules with a multi-lingual perspective (English and a second language)
  • Supporting the INEE  L&D Coordinator in designing and conducting small-scale assessments in crisis-affected contexts and engaging with diverse learners, including non-English speakers, to understand their expectations, needs, and constraints that influence the training's format and design.
  • Collaborate with the L&D Coordinator to develop a simple template for modular learning units that address specific learning objectives based on the EiE Competency Framework.
  • Follow the INEE L&D framework to create engaging and accessible content in various formats, including written, visual, and interactive elements, while considering that content must be easily translated and contextualized.
  • interact with the Standards & Practice  team,  specifically with the MS Training Facilitator throughout the consultancy.
  • Support the L&D Coordinator in piloting the developed learning materials with diverse learners, including non-English speakers, and incorporating their feedback.
  • Provide recommendations for ongoing sustainability, updates, and improvements of the learning materials.
  • All deliverables will be in English.


A comprehensive outline of the modular learning units, including topics, learning objectives, and suggested activities.

  • Develop learning materials tailored to learners' needs and accessibility requirements that can be delivered synchronously online or face-to-face. This includes but is not limited to reading materials, slides, activity handouts, simple multimedia components (adapted for low connectivity), and a list of supplementary resources and learning materials.
  • Clear “Design and Facilitation Guide” to help future facilitators create their training and deliver it without requiring extensive technical support from the INEE L&D team.
  • Document the development process, including stakeholders involved, adaptations, and lessons learned. 
  • Recommendations for sustaining, updating, and improving the learning materials over time.



  • Extensive experience in facilitation, curriculum development,  instructional design, and creating learner-centered content using low-, medium- and high-tech authoring and multimedia tools
  • Knowledge of Education in Emergencies and the INEE MS
  • Strong understanding of diverse learner needs, mainly in crisis contexts, and the ability to adapt content accordingly, following the principles of inclusivity, accessibility, and flexibility
  • Proven track record of working collaboratively with stakeholders and non-native English-speaking learners in emergencies and low-resource contexts
  • Excellent communication skills in English.
  • Working proficiency in another language is a must
  • Experience using effective knowledge management and reporting tools


  • Familiarity with sustainable resource allocation and strategies for ongoing improvement and localization of learning materials.


This consultancy is pending funding. It is expected to start as soon as the funding is confirmed and a candidate is selected,  and it should conclude by the end of November 2023, with a total of 25 Working days.


Application Process

Application Process

Interested candidates are invited to submit a cover letter including the proposed daily fee, CV, and a portfolio of relevant work to with the subject: “Application to the INEE MS Training Update Consultancy.” The selection process will be on a rolling basis until a candidate is identified.

For inquiries or clarifications, please contact