INEE Network Spaces

Task Teams

INEE task teams are formalized network spaces that allow members to work collectively on thematic areas of interest. Task teams are composed of individual INEE members who advocate for their thematic issue(s) and who collaboratively develop knowledge and resources to help practitioners provide inclusive, quality, and safe education for all affected by crisis. Each task team is led by a small group of volunteer co-conveners (thematic experts with strong convening skills) and revolves around a specific set of time-bound tasks and activities.


INEE has utilized task teams since its beginning in 2000, usually in response to specific interests from members. For instance, around the 2009-2010 update of the INEE Minimum Standards handbook, several task teams were instituted to develop companion resources to the INEE Minimum Standards on specific themes, including gender, inclusive education, teaching and learning, etc. Over the years, task teams have ebbed and flowed depending on the interest of INEE members and the specific tasks at hand. The following task teams have been active at one time or another.



  • Adolescents and Youth (deactivated 2020)
  • HIV/AIDS (deactivated in 2011)
  • Learning Materials and Resources (deactivated mid-2000s)
  • Quality Education (deactivated 2012)
  • Teacher Training (deactivated mid-2000s)
  • Teachers and other Education Personnel (deactivated mid-2000s)

How Can I Join a Task Team?

INEE members with interest and expertise in the thematic area of a task team may indicate their interest in joining the task team by directly contacting the co-conveners of the task team - find email contacts above. INEE task team membership is voluntary, and members join as individuals, not through an organizational affiliation. New members are considered by the task team co-conveners on a rolling basis; approval or disapproval of new task team members is at the discretion of the co-conveners. 


Task teams are generally composed of 10-25 members, depending on the scope of work. New members are considered by the task team co-conveners on a rolling basis; approval or disapproval of new task team members is at the discretion of the co-conveners. Although every effort is made to include all interested individuals in the work of INEE task teams, membership may be limited due to the following: the existing size (i.e. manageability) of the task team; the number and type of activities in the work plan; the timeline of the task team activities; considerations for demographic balance (i.e. not too many individuals from the same organization, region, etc.); insufficient expertise or experience of the applicant; etc.

Inactive members may be requested to resign from the task team after making good faith efforts to re-engage them with the work at hand. 

N.B. INEE maintains thematic email lists on each task team thematic topic, but subscription to these lists does not constitute task team membership. Only members who are approved to join the task team and who actively engage in the activities of the task team will be contacted regularly and considered task team members.

For more information on Task Teams, contact or review the Task Team Protocols.