INEE Network Spaces


INEE Collaboratives are network spaces that enable INEE Working Group (Advocacy, Standards & Practice, and Education Policy) members to work together across two or more Working Groups on thematic areas In addition to each WG’s individual priorities or particular to the WGs’ intersectional priorities. These network spaces are time-bound and focus on completing specific tasks related to the chosen theme. Collaboratives are formed and coordinated by members of INEE Working Groups. Collaboratives’ works is included in the overall INEE workplan.


Collaboratives emerged at INEE’s Fall bi-annual meetings in 2015 as a way of working across INEE’s three Working Groups. Working Group members realized there was an opportunity to strengthen work-streams by utilizing an inter-working group approach.

Current Collaboratives 2018-2020


Participation in an INEE Collaborative is restricted to INEE Working Group members except in cases where a collaborative reaches out to form an expert reference group for a specific outcome where external expert advice or guidance is necessary.