Are our Children Learning? The Status of Remote-learning among School-going Children in Kenya during the Covid-19 Crisis

Since we know that data equals information and evidence, which is powerful in informing intervention, we went out to collect data on the status of remote learning among school-going children across the country.

The survey was conducted in 86 out of the total 335 sub-counties across 42 of the 47counties. We leveraged technology to collect data using the KoboCollect platform via phone calls from 3,735 households spread in 258 villages.

Key acts about Children's Digital Learning in Kenya:

  • Access to digital learning is low and inequitable
  • Parental awareness on children’s remote learning is disparate
  • Most utilized platform of accessing digital learning isn’t the most accessible
  • Public schools were least prepared to support digital learning

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UWEZO Kenya, USAWA Agenda


Coronavirus (COVID-19)
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