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Math Games is EAA's solution towards helping learners practice math fluency, building confidence, and gaining important problem-solving skills by applying maths in different contexts. The games are designed for 4 levels of learners from the ages of 4 - 14 years based on a competency framework. Each of the games is fun, requires a low amount of resources, and is implementable in or out of school contexts.

The resources available include:

  • A briefing note with the background and design choices 
  • A competency framework based on Khan Academy’s Common Core learning principles
  • Detailed math games for each level that are ready to play
  • A backend resource catalog that is a curated and categorized repository of existing open-source maths resources

For more math resources, please refer to our Internet Free Education Resource Bank (IFERB) project-based learning resources for engaging and interdisciplinary math learning in low resource contexts.

The Math Games are a part of the mEducation Alliance's Math Power! initiative and supported by the Julia Robinson Math Festival.

Click here to access these resources. 

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