El ciclo del programa humanitario

El Ciclo del Programa Humanitario se refiere a una serie de acciones emprendidas en la gestión de operaciones internacionales de respuesta humanitaria. Estas deben llevarse a cabo, en la medida de lo posible, en colaboración y en apoyo de las autoridades nacionales y locales.


The actions in the cycle, described below, are inter-related and should be managed in a seamless manner using a coherent approach and a common set of tools.

  • Emergency preparedness is a distinct element of, and underpins, the entire cycle.
  • Timely, coordinated assessments and analysis identify the needs of affected people and provide the evidence base for planning the response.
  • Coordinated planning allows for the formulation of strategic objectives, what needs to be done to meet them, and how much it will cost.
  • Funding and other resources are mobilized for the system based on and in support of the strategic response plan.
  • Monitoring of agreed output and outcome indicators and the tracking of financial information demonstrates results and informs decision-making about the plan.

While implementation of the cycle should be flexible and adaptable to different country situations, it must at a minimum address the above elements. Whenever possible, it should support national and local partners, including NGOs, civil society and communities, and complement or build on existing frameworks; it should contribute to a response that builds resilience to future disasters.

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