Education during Emergency Plan

The Education During Emergency Plan EDEP is mainly designed for learning and teaching environment continuity during the COVID19 and aim to develop an interactive distant learning and media channeled approaches to ensure learning continuity for all public school students during emergency, ensure accessibility and keep stimulating innovative practices and continuous improvement on long term to sustain those approaches.The main objectives of the plan are:

  • provide a sustainable, interactive and responsive distant learning environment for students
  • employ technology to both assure and enhance quality in learning and teaching
  • provide support to students and educational staff to adapt and adopt new enabling technologies
  • advance current distant and blended learning programmes for all-times
  • support wellbeing, self-resiliency and self-efficacy of students during and after emergency crises
  • conduct awareness to community for sustaining distant learning

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Emergency Response Plan


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Jordanian Ministry of Education


Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Humanitarian Sectors - Education