The Early Child Behavior Questionnaire-Short Form (ECBQ-S) - Lebanon

2The Early Childhood Behavior Questionnaire - Short (ECBQ-S) is a parent-report survey that was designed to measure toddlers’ emotional and behavioral regulation skills. It is intended to provide data for program evaluation purposes. 

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Evidence Snapshot

While evidence did not support the original hypothesized structure of the measure (version 1.0), there is promising evidence in support of the empirically derived structure of the measure (version 2.0). We are somewhat confident in the stability of the evidence, although the small sample size and convenience sampling may produce results that are unique to this dataset. We preliminarily recommend version 2.0 of this measure for its specified purpose(s) with attention to the additional recommended revisions. Testing with a larger, representative sample is necessary
162 Lebanese parents of toddlers ages 18 - 36 months

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Supervisión del programa
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Habilidades socioemocionales
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Department of Psychiatry-American University of Beirut Medical Center, Ministry of Public Health-Lebanon

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Wael Shamseddeen, Linda Bou Ali, Martine El Bejjani, Batoul Safieddine, Emile Abou Chaar, & Leila Akoury Dirani


Levels of Learning - Early Childhood Development
Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS)
Social and Emotional Learning

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