We-Act - Palestine


The We-Act measure is an observation and performance-based assessment designed to assess the extent to which frontline education, child protection, and psychosocial support workers in humanitarian settings have adequate competencies to provide effective support to children. In it its current form, it is intended to provide data for program monitoring and evaluation purposes, although future testing will evaluate its suitability for use as a screening measure. 

If interested in using the measure or for more information, please contact Dr. Mark Jordans at Mark.Jordans@warchild.nl.

Evidence Snapshot

There is not yet evidence of the types of reliability and validity needed for use of the measure for its specified purposes. Given the sampling design, sample size, and rigor of psychometric method, there is uncertainty in the replicability and/or accuracy of the evidence if tested with a similar sample.
territorio palestino ocupado

Measure Snapshot

For what?
Supervisión del programa
About what?
Implementación de programas y calidad
Paper/Pencil format
Enumerator/Data Collector
By what method?
Observation, Performance-based assessmen

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Kings College London, War Child Holland

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Mark Jordans, April Coetzee, & Frederik Steen


Child Protection
Conflict Sensitive Education
Research and Evidence

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occupied Palestinian territory

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