Journal on Education in Emergencies: Volume 3, Number 1

In this issue:

The 4Rs Framework: Analyzing Education’s Contribution to Sustainable Peacebuilding with Social Justice in Conflict-Affected Contexts Mario Novelli, Mieke T. A. Lopes Cardozo, and Alan Smith

Can Teacher Training Programs Influence Gender Norms? Mixed-Methods Experimental Evidence from Northern Uganda Marjorie Chinen, Andrea Coombes, Thomas De Hoop, Rosa Castro-Zarzur, and Mohammed Elmeski

The Limits of Redistributive School Finance Policy in South Africa Rachel Hatch, Elizabeth Buckner, and Carina Omoeva

Field Note: The Potential of Conflict-Sensitive Education Approaches in Fragile Countries: The Case of Curriculum Framework Reform and Youth Civic Participation in Somalia Marleen Renders and Neven Knezevic

Book Review: Childhood Deployed: Remaking Child Soldiers in Sierra Leone by Susan Sheplar Jesper Bjarnesen

Book Review: Training for Model Ctiizenship: Ethnography of Civic Education and State-Making in Rwanda by Molly Sundberg S. Garnett Russell

Book Review: Partnership Paradox: The Post-Conflict Reconstruction of Liberia’s Education System edited by Christopher Talbot and Aleesha Taylor Laura Quaynor

Book Review: Critical Peace Education and Global Citizenship by Rita Verma Lynn Davies

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