A Review of Colonial Practice

Momentum has been growing within the aid sector to acknowledge and address the colonial and postcolonial power dynamics, structural racism, cultural bias and discrimination that is prevalent in the humanitarian and development sectors, and in the Education in Emergencies (EiE) sector specifically. Following on from last year's successful INEE Meet-Ups on the topic and a “call to action” presented to the INEE Secretariat and INEE Steering Group from INEE members, the INEE Secretariat is moving forward on next steps with the aim of identifying priorities, needs, challenges and opportunities.

To do this, INEE has commissioned the darvaja collective to work in close collaboration and consultation with INEE’s Secretariat and members to explore the challenges and opportunities to move our understanding forward in an inclusive and respectful way. The consultancy will result in a roadmap for furthering INEE’s Statement on Anti-racism and Racial Equity, alongside a primer, including definition of terms and key concepts. Darvaja is an international collective of black and brown women. Together, they work with organisations and groups to challenge and address structural inequity through participatory processes. The following paragraphs provide some context for your consideration from darvaja:

What are we really asking you about?

For us at darvaja, we understand that decolonisation is a complex topic, with a broad range of interpretations based on history, identity, and position. For the purpose of this survey, when we ask about colonialism, we are looking for any reflections and experiences that you think might be relevant. This could include: power dynamics or imbalances; the distribution of resources; who is making decisions and who isn’t making decisions; what you might have access to and how that might be linked to your identity. We welcome any reflections that you think might be relevant, however random or loosely related you think they might be! 

What does this have to do with you?

As part of this process there are two separate surveys, one for INEE members and another for INEE Secretariat and Steering Committee, in recognition of the different levels of engagement and ownership within INEE. The purpose of this survey is for INEE members to offer your insights and experience to help form darvaja’s initial review of INEE’s strengths, needs and concerns as they pertain to this work. You are who we are here for! Please note, that this work is focused on INEE rather than the sector of Education in Emergencies overall. We know that sharing your thoughts about this topic can be intimidating and difficult, so please note that any insights will be anonymised before sharing with the INEE Secretariat. ​​Participation in this survey is completely voluntary.

You can complete this survey online by following the links below. 

Alternatively, if you wish to complete this survey in paper form, you can download a word version by clicking on the linked files to the right.

After this survey, we will share an update with you all, and there will be some opportunities to engage in focus groups to explore these issues in more depth.

The survey will close on: 28 June 2022

You have the right to withdraw your data at any time. If you wish to do so, please contact the darvaja team (

If you do have any queries, concerns, or questions, please feel free to email

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