Measuring Distance Education During COVID-19

In November 2020, INEE launched the Technical Note on Measurement for Education during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Specifically focused on distance education programs, this targeted technical guidance was drafted in response to monitoring, evaluation, and learning needs identified by INEE members as individuals and organizations continue their work to address the evolving learning and wellbeing needs of children, adolescents, youth, teachers, caregivers and other education personnel during the COVID-19 global public health crisis.

Today, over a year after the pandemic has closed schools and interrupted the education of students worldwide, distance education has grown more prevalent. The lessons learned about distance teaching and learning from the COVID-19 pandemic may shape the way that we approach education in the future, and key to this is ensuring that monitoring, evaluation and learning is adapted to address this new way of working.

This webinar focused on how education practitioners and organizations around the world have adapted their M&E frameworks (data collection, monitoring, evaluation and learning) during the COVID-19 crisis with presentations and panelists from INEE, People in Need Nepal, Young 1ove, EdTech Hub, the Girls Education Challenge and Malawi project team, and the INEE Distance Education Reference Group.

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