About INEE


INEE is supported with funding and in-kind contributions from a wide variety of donors, including governments, funds, foundations, and partner organizations.

Current Funding support

INEE would like to thank all those who have contributed to the network, in particular, the following organizations which are currently supporting INEE:


Agence Française de Développement (AFD) logo Agence Française de Développement (AFD)


AFD's support enables INEE to strengthen the INEE French Language Community and ensure that francophone INEE members are provided with the tools and resources needed to improve education in emergencies response in Francophone countries. AFD contributions ensure the INEE French Language Community is actively engaged with the network and contributing to fostering a thriving francophone community of practice and that new content and resources are translated and disseminated in a timely manner and shared with French Language Community members through INEE's communication channels.


DC logo Dubai Cares


Dubai Cares’ support to INEE enables the administration and roll-out of the Dubai Cares Evidence for Education in Emergencies (E-Cubed) Research Envelope and further amplifies and disseminates the products resulting from E-Cubed. E-Cubed focuses on generating evidence on effective preparedness and response strategies in education in emergencies and aims to fund research ranging from robust randomized controlled trials to evaluations, assessments and gap analyses geared to inform the policies and practices of international and national decision makers, implementing agencies and other local stakeholders involved in education in emergencies. The convening of partnerships between academia and implementing agencies is a practice Dubai Cares hopes to encourage in order to foster effective cooperation amongst different actors within the education and emergencies field, to ensure the highest quality outcomes.

Contributions from Dubai Cares also help INEE to fulfill the priorities outlined in its Strategic Framework by fostering a thriving community of practice, strengthening capacity building of the sector, continuing to build the evidence base, and promoting thought leadership in the field of education in emergencies. This project aims to further strengthen INEE’s support to the education in emergencies community and to bolster ongoing work to promote education for all in crisis contexts.


ECW Logo Education Cannot Wait (ECW)


ECW’s support to INEE allows the network to strengthen the outreach and membership engagement by providing core operational support. This support has enabled INEE to operationalize its Strategic Framework 2018-2023, to continue its role as a global advocate and thought leader on Education in Emergencies (EiE), to foster and strengthen the EiE evidence base, to increase the availability of knowledge, information, and resources in multilingual contexts, and to foster an engaged and diverse membership.

ECW contributions also support the Global Partners Project: a strategic partnership between INEE, the Global Education Cluster (GEC) and UNHCR. The aim of the Global Partners Project is to undertake a comprehensive review of education in emergencies joint coordination, planning, and response structures. The partnership will document existing practices, challenges, and gaps in coordination at the country and global level. The research will look closely at the ‘who’, the ‘how’, and the ‘why’ of coordination of education in emergencies and protracted crises, resulting in recommendations for action that can be taken by diverse stakeholders across different contexts, including by Education Cannot Wait and key partners.


GAC LogoGlobal Affairs Canada (GAC)


In line with the INEE Strategic Framework 2018-2023, Global Affairs Canada’s support will enable INEE to facilitate the curation of the evidence base for women’s and girls’ education in emergencies and support advocacy and accountability mechanisms for gender-responsive education initiatives for women and girls in crisis and conflict contexts. In addition, an INEE Reference Group on Girls’ Education in Emergencies will lead on tracking, reporting on, advocating for and amplifying commitments to the Charlevoix Declaration and women’s and girls’ right to education in emergencies.


Norad logo Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad)


NORAD’s support to INEE will enable INEE to deliver on its Strategic Framework 2018-2023, in particular Strategic Priority 2: To strengthen capacities to deliver quality, safe, inclusive, and relevant education for all. Funds will support a new Capacity Building position within the INEE Secretariat and as well as support for activities related to capacity development, including: developing and implementing INEE’s capacity development system and strategy; organizing and facilitating professional development opportunities; harmonizing, updating and disseminating INEE’s various education in emergencies (EiE) training resources; and organizing and coordinating a roster of trainers available to respond to training needs for INEE members at large.


OSF logo Open Society Foundations


Open Society Foundations’ long-standing support to INEE allows the network to fulfill the priorities outlined in its Strategic Framework by fostering a thriving community of practice, strengthening capacity building of the sector, continuing to build the evidence base, and promoting thought leadership in the field of education in conflict and crisis, resilience and peace-building. A particular focus of Open Society Foundations’ support will be on strengthening engagement of and outreach to INEE’s membership.


Porticus logo Porticus Foundation


Porticus’ support to INEE will enable the network to achieve its Strategic Priorities, with particular focus given to Strategic Priorities 2 (capacity building) and 4 (member engagement). The contributions provided by Porticus Foundation help INEE to develop and share publications, tools, and resources with its wide membership in multiple languages (both online and in hard-copy). Porticus Foundation also provides support to Language Community Facilitators and activities that reach out to under-represented groups in the network, such as workshops held in INEE’s working languages both online and in-person.


SDC logo Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)


SDC’s support is representative of a three-year strategic partnership between SDC and INEE. SDC’s generous support to INEE allows the network to fulfill the priorities outlined in its Strategic Framework and complete the INEE Working Group projects and activities outlined in its Results Framework. Funds will also support a new senior level staff position within the INEE Secretariat, which will strengthen INEE’s engagement in global policy dialogue, advocacy and thought leadership globally.


USAID logo United States Agency for International Development (USAID)


USAID’s support to INEE will contribute to the achievement of the shared goal of increasing equitable access for learners in environments affected by crisis and conflict outlined in INEE’s Strategic Framework 2018-2023 and USAID’s Education Strategy. Contributions made by USAID will enable INEE to continue to build the evidence base, provide thought leadership, serve as a community of practice for the field of education in emergencies.


Anonymous Donors

INEE is also generously funded by anonymous donors, whose contributions enable the network to fulfill the priorities outlined in its Strategic Framework both through support to INEE Working Group activities and to core Secretariat costs.


In-kind support

INEE’s inter-agency success is in large part due to the enormous in-kind contributions from its members, including the time and resources that members and their agencies contribute to travel and accommodation, material production and translations, capacity-building and training activities, meeting/workshop support and much more. This includes both financial and in-kind contributions from organizations sitting on the Steering Group, and the in-kind donations of resources, time and talent from members of the Working Groups, Task Team Conveners, and members. The work would not be done without you.

INEE would like to extend particular gratitude to the International Rescue Committee, the Norwegian Refugee Council, RET International, Plan International Norway, Finn Church Aid, and UNESCO-IIEP for hiring and/or hosting INEE Secretariat staff.