Equity and Inequality

This list of resources are part of the larger Learning for Peace project. This section compiles the FHI360 research publications that compared education equality data and violent conflict data from nearly 100 countries over 50 years. It found robust evidence that the likelihood of violent conflict doubles for countries with high levels of intergroup inequality in education, after controlling for known conflict risk factors, such as wealth, political regime, geography, etc. The research also suggests that greater education equality between male and female students decreases the likelihood of violent conflict by as much as 37 per cent.

1 June 2016 Report FHI360, United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)

Education Inequality and Violent Conflict: Evidence and Policy Considerations

Based on the quantitative evidence that rising inequalities in education can increase the risk of conflict, and consequently, experiencing conflict can exacerbate preexisting education inequality, the policy brief urges for greater attention to equity in education, particularly in conflict-affected and fragile settings.