EiE Toolkit

Humanitarian Sectors - Education

This EiE Toolkit contains a wide variety of practical, field-friendly tools to guide anyone working in the field of education in emergencies.

MS 5 domains graphic
Click to see a one-page visual summary of the INEE Minimum Standards.

The Toolkit is organized around the INEE Minimum Standards (click to see a one-page visual summary of the INEE Minimum Standards).

Click below on one of the 5 Domains or 19 accompanying Standards below to view expert-vetted tools. Or visit the:

  • Collections page for curated list of resources on various cross-cutting topics
  • Resource Database to view all resources available on the INEE website

This Toolkit will be updated periodically based on users’ feedback and the availability of new resources. The INEE Standards and Practice Working Group supports in the vetting of new resources and the maintenance of the toolkit.

To provide feedback, contact knowledgemanagement@inee.org, or propose a document for the EiE Toolkit, complete this form.