Case Study

Essence of Learning: a 4-day training and ongoing mentorship for educators of Rohingya refugee children

This case study was collected as part of Teachers in Crisis Contexts (TiCC) Event Series to share compelling examples of programs and practices that positively influence improvements in teachers’ work conditions and teaching practice.  For more case studies, click here.


Essence of Learning (EoL) is a pedagogical approach developed by Caritas Switzerland that aims to provide psychosocial and educational support to children in crisis situations. EoL follows a routine offering targeted, sensorial activities which employ recycled materials that are accessible to children in their environment. The program enables educators to teach a typical curriculum through relaxation and play to support children as they recover from traumatic events and restore their ability to learn.

The basic concepts of the EoL program are taught to educators in four days, which ensures a quick startup that focuses on addressing students’ immediate needs in an emergency context.