EdTech in Emergencies: What the evidence shows us

On 12 April 2018, the INEE Tech Task Team hosted a webinar to highlight the findings of the recent Save the Children UK report entitled “EdTech for Learning in Emergencies and Displaced Settings: A Rigorous Review and Narrative Synthesis”.

This webinar aims to outline the findings of Save the Children’s recent report that aimed at building a holistic understanding of how EdTech can impact learning, trying to ascertain what conditions lead to more positive outcomes, taking into account learning theories; impact studies; and feedback from teachers, parents, and students. The report abstained from the traditional systematic reviews, which often focus almost exclusively on the results of randomised control trials and quasi experimental designs in order to decide ‘what works’. In this study researchers investigated ‘the what’ alongside ‘the how’ and ‘the why’ in order to understand how investments in EdTech really matter for efficient and effective learning.

Webinar Recording

The views expressed in this webinar are the presenters' own.

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