Field Note: The Potential of Conflict-Sensitive Education Approaches in Fragile Countries: The Case of Curriculum Framework Reform and Youth Civic Participation in Somalia

How can education services in fragile and conflict-affected settings sustain education results and help break the cyclical patterns of conflict that lead to massive reversals in development, including in education? This field note presents the case of the review of the curriculum framework in Somalia, a UNICEF-supported education intervention that intentionally engaged with the drivers of conflict. The note outlines how this mainstream education intervention, which has a widened focus on building youths’ civic participation, can help to build a capacity for peace at various levels (individual, group, and policy) in terms of substance and process. It also provides emerging results, limitations, and observations about the intervention. The field note concludes by offering some reflections on inclusive and relevant service delivery as a critical part of peace- and state-building in fragile settings.


معلومات عن المصدر

نوع المورد

Journal Article



Journal on Education in Emergencies (JEiE)


Marleen Renders and Neven Knezevic


Curriculum and Educational Content
Research and Evidence

المنطقه الجغرافيه التي تهمكم اوتعملون بها