Updating the INEE Minimum Standards

This webinar introduced the update process of the INEE Minimum Standards, including rationale, scope, vision, and approach. In addition, the webinar will cover the different ways individuals and organizations can participate, key actions, and a timeline.

Webinar Recording

Background on the INEE MS Update:

Since the last INEE Minimum Standards (INEE MS) update in 2010, the context of humanitarian crises and the development landscape have drastically changed. When the INEE MS were last revised in 2010, critical pieces of the humanitarian system, including the Sustainable Development Goals, the Global Compact on Refugees, and Education Cannot Wait, did not exist. The humanitarian-development community has, since 2010, had to adapt rapidly to changes in the global context, such as the escalating impacts of climate change, the onset of pandemics in an increasingly interconnected world, and a rapid increase in both the number and complexity of humanitarian crises. Our understanding of the deep connections between education, child protection policy, and interventions has also grown. Likewise, since the 2016 World Humanitarian Summit, momentum is gathering for “new ways of working,” localization efforts, and enhanced synergies that call for coherence in humanitarian-development response.

Given their critical and foundational importance for the EiE sector, ensuring the INEE MS reflect emerging and evolving issues and thematic areas in humanitarian aid is essential for practitioners, advocates, and policymakers to deliver quality, safe, and relevant education in all emergency contexts. This is what the update process seeks to achieve.


  • Dear Brooks, INEE Director
  • Ariel Solari INEE  Coordinator, Standards & Practice
  • Oula Abu-Amsha INEE Coordinator, Community of Practice
  • Natalie Akstein, INEE Coordinator, Member Engagement 

 If you have any questions about the webinar or the INEE Minimum Standards update, contact minimumstandards@inee.org.

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